In the civilization of society, education is at the base. The responsibility to spread enlightment in the society lies over a teacher. Teacher is the real builder of any society, is a fact, established world over.

Teacher lights the lamp of enlightment in the minds of his students, thereby making them able to distinguish between darkness and light, real and unreal and inertia and consciousness.

The flame of knowledge lighted by the teacher transmutes the society in to a vibrating and developed one. The society which is conscious enlightened and educated, can only progress into the path of all round development.

Our’s is a teacher training institution, established in 1951, has a glorious past. Our institution produces nation builders. The entire college team is involved whole heartedly in the task of building the nation builders, treating it as divine responsibility. It is always the objective of the college to roll out the pupil teachers with attributes of high morale, truthfulness, creativeness, restrain, patience, courage, dedication and devotion.

We always take pride in stating that we are successfully marching towards such goals.

Our college named after one of the greatest philanthropist, the munificent Munshi Kali Prasad Kulbhaskar, is fulfilling his dream of spreading the light of education and our alumni spread all over India are making it true.

Dr. Anjana Srivastava
K.P. Training College, Prayagraj.